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32 Tips to Create an Outstanding Resume

32 Tips to Create an Outstanding Resume

Resume gets you the interview call. Prepare it using these tips.

1. You should memorize all the specific facts and figures used to support your resume. This information should be kept and filed for future reference should you need to look for work again.

2. When you quote $’s, %’s, #’s, you have to be able to back them up with specific facts and figures. i.e. Your resume says that you increased sales 18%. You need to be able to translate that 18% into dollars – From $2.4 million to $2.83 million.

3. Send and fax your resume if you have the contact information for both. Better that the hiring company gets your information twice than not at all.

4. When e-mailing, most experts agree that to be safe you should send the resume in the body of the e-mail as well as an attachment.

5. If you are attaching a word document in an e-mail, be sure to turn off the Paragraph Symbol “P”.

6. If you can convert your resume to a PDF file, that would be worthwhile since it is less likely to get garbled.

7. Smaller type and extended margins can help make your resume fit on 1-2 pages.

8. Make sure your resume is visually appealing – it should have a “balanced look”.

9. Begin achievement sentences with Action Verbs to grab the reader’s attention.

10. Read your resume out aloud to see how it sounds. If it doesn’t sound right to you it won’t to the company your sending it to.

11. Resumes generate interviews – that is their only purpose.

12. When in doubt, leave it out.

13. Use humor sparingly if at all.

14. Don’t make up, change or inflate your job titles.

15. NEVER, NEVER lie about anything – education, degrees, etc.

16. Use plenty of white space whenever possible. It makes it easier to read the resume or cover letter.

17. Don’t use too many different fonts – it will look confusing.

Street Smart Resume18. Prioritize everything – accomplishments, responsibilities, etc. That way, if the resume reader is scanning, they see your most important accomplishments first.

19. Make sure that there is never anything negative in your resume or cover letter.

20. No need to say Resume of: “Your Name”

21. Leave out “date available for employment”.

22. No need to attach or include your photo.

23. If you would like to explore different careers, create different resumes with different objectives. Just be sure to name each document differently and be sure your achievements support your objective.

24. Once your resume is done, don’t think it can never be improved.

25. If you are sending in your resume to an on-line service, be sure that it contains many of the key words that the search engine will be sure to pick up.

26. Don’t rely strictly on a spell checker to catch errors, read the words on the resume backwards to catch spelling errors.

27. After several interviews, re-read your resume for ways to improve it. Are you getting the same question asked over and over? If you are, you may need to refine your resume/cover letter to answer that question upfront.

28. Using bullets and a lot of white space, makes the cover letter appear more organized and easier to read and capture the major points quickly.

29. Underlining and italicized words also makes important points stand out.

30. Don’t keep switching tenses between current and past. i.e..I used to., I am currently.

31. 3 -4 weeks after you send in your resume to a company you really want to work for send the exact letter and resume again. Almost no one will do that and your resume may get a second look by the hiring manager. Except this time you will not be competing hundreds of other resumes that replied to an ad.

32. Essentially, if it doesn’t make you look great, don’t put it on your resume. If it doesn’t help, it will either hurt you or take up valuable space.

Your turn to share your tips on how to make an effective Resume. Please share your ideas below

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