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Body Language Basics

In this article we are going to talk a little about what body language is and how you can learn to quickly recognize the signs and signals that people are sending you.

Body language can truly speak louder than words. Different body parts like; eyes, hands, arms and legs can be used in different ways, with each one having several meanings. It is a very powerful method of communication that most of us use without even realizing we are using it.

Understanding the art of body language and being able to identify the different body signals people are using is a great skill to have!

Even without the use of words, you can effectively send your message to another person, and that person to you. By learning how to understand body language you can quickly identify and determine their moods, emotions, feelings, and desires. This will give you the ability to control almost any situation by knowing how to react to it in advance.

For instance, most of the time the use of direct eye contact indicates interest, positive thinking, and sincerity. However, it could also mean: mistrust, doubt, and suspicion.

Lateral eye movements may mean the person is lying, or inspecting his surroundings making sure no one or everyone is listening. Often when some one is trying to recall or imagine something, they will look upward. On the other hand looking down may indicate submission to an authority or guilt.

Did you know that your hand and arm gestures can also display different meanings? Besides the obvious ones that we see people use everyday, like waving, pointing or others that we won’t discuss in this lesson.

Let’s go over a few:

  • If someone talks with their palms facing upwards, they are showing sincerity.
  • If someone talks with their fist clenched it is a sign of anger or hostility.
  • If you encounter somebody who taps or drums their fingers on a surface, they are showing feelings of nervousness or anxiety.
  • Arms crossed across the chest is a display of defense and protection from an outside source, or may simply indicate that they disagree with what is being said.

Now lets talk about a type of body language that we all like and that is the language of love!

We naturally use our bodies when we are looking for a little romance, and flirting is one of the best examples of body language that I can think of!

Body language can help you show someone that you like him or her, and likewise, you can determine if somebody is attracted to you. The most basic and first sign of attraction is the smile. The wider the smile, the more he or she is into you.

Let’s say you are in opposite corners of a room and you see someone who interests you. You can use your eyes to send an invitation with a lingering, soft look or by giving a quick look and suddenly looking away, and then back to eye contact again. This is a form of flirting and definite sign of interest that many of us use without even thinking.

Looking from the eyes down to the lips and back to the eyes again also indicates possible romance. Other gestures can also be signs of attraction, like if the person is facing you directly or leaning towards you.

Of course body language can also let you know if that someone is not interested. A hard look or glare can say “back off” louder than saying the actual words.

Other signs of disinterest are looking away, keeping the mouth shut tight, turning the body away, staring at people other than you, crossing the arms, and moving away are just some of the clues that he or she is not interested in having a romantic encounter with you.

Body language isn’t all about love it can also help you detect lies!

You don’t need to launch a full scale investigation to determine if somebody is being dishonest with you. All you need is some basic understanding in the art of body language to spot a liar. The simplest way to detect lies is to simply look for signs of discomfort, anxiety, and nervousness.

The inability to look directly into your eyes, fidgeting fingers, shuffling feet, sudden crossing of the arms or legs, glancing around the room, and forced smiles are the most common clues that someone is lying to you.

Often the volume of a persons voice will become softer than usual when lying, but during a defensive state of mind, they will usually raise their voice. You may also notice speech errors, such as mispronunciation, stuttering, stammering or that they talk faster than normal.

Now, I don’t want to you get paranoid that everyone is lying to you just because they don’t look at you or because they happen to cross their arms when you are talking to them. I also don’t want you to assume that everyone who looks at you across a room is ready for romance!

The meanings and interpretations of body language are not always true and definitive. Body language involves many gestures and movements that all have to be considered when you are attempting to determine someone’s inner feelings and emotions and we will be talking more about that in later articles.

Until then be careful when interpreting other people’s body language and don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions!

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