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How To Bore Your Way To Success

OK. I’ll admit it. I’m passionate about success.

I think about it every day. I think about it as I drift off to sleep. I think about it when I catch myself being idle for five minutes.

I can’t help it. It’s my drug. And – everywhere I look…I find what I’m looking for!

I see things now that I used to miss before. I pick up those little clues that I can use to my advantage.

The clues are there – if you look hard enough.

Do you remember when you were a love-struck teenager? How the ‘love of your life’ consumed every waking moment, and totally destroyed your relationships with your friends who quickly took second place to ‘the one’?

Well…I’m like that. Except that I’ve managed to control my ‘urges’ to make sure that I play an active role in my family’s upbringing.

At the ripe old age of 45 I’d rather read a book than go out for a drink!


I choose to do so because I know that unless I constantly search for the clues to success – I won’t find them.

So – out with novels. In with biographies and non-fiction!

If there was a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” solely on success and personal development – I’d win it!

But…what’s this got to do with you, I bet you’re wondering.


You see – you don’t have to turn into a ‘success bore’ like me to find out a path that works for you.

You just have to find a subject that you are really passionate about – and then become a ‘bore’ in that!

Knowledge is king.

However you look at life – those who have succeeded are those people that ‘know their stuff’.

Look at a super-nerd like Bill Gates! If you didn’t know who he was – you wouldn’t give him a second-glance in the street, would you?

But…love him or hate him – he certainly knows his stuff and definitely has plans on how to make the most of it.

What about you?

What are YOU really passionate about?

What would you love to do if money was no object?

OK. I know – money does play a part.


I learned over the last couple of years that I had it the wrong way around.

I’d look for the highest paid job…rather than the one that interested me the most.

I’d buy the biggest TV that I could barely afford even though a smaller one did exactly the same.

When I realised that I should look at what I wanted, irrespective of how much it cost, or how much it paid – my whole life changed.

So – instead of focusing on how much money I could make, I concentrated on how much VALUE I could give.

I know that I will get ‘paid’ in the future – providing that I don’t expect something up-front.

So eventually – my passion will pay off.

Did you notice the key word – *eventually*.

It’s all very well being passionate about something – but it’s an entirely different ballgame to expect that it’s going to make your fortune overnight.

Look around you at some of the most famous people from all walks of life.

From Madonna to Mahatma Gandhi…they ALL had a passion for what they loved to do – and didn’t let poverty or continual setbacks stop them from finally achieving what they really were passionate about.

It didn’t happen overnight for them – so why should it happen overnight for you?

Whether you ‘believe’ or not – everything that you do in life is a directly linked to cause and effect.

  • Give before you take.
  • Do the boss’s job without getting paid for it.
  • Help someone without an expectation of anything in return.

Be passionate about what you do – and instead of focusing on a payment – focus on what value you can give first.

Life has an uncanny ability to reward those who reward others – it just takes longer than most people are prepared to wait.

But then again – the only thing that we ALL have an equal share of…is time.

To Our Success!

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