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Choose Your Words Carefully During Your Job Interview

Choose Your Words Carefully During Your Job Interview

Job interview is the time to use words with care

It is a well known fact that words can make or break deals. It is therefore no surprise that one of the key advice given by the wise down the centuries has been to handle words with care. Once spoken, they cannot be taken back and the consequences of ill chosen words can be devastating, to say the least.

This same advice of choosing words with care hold in the case of job interview as well. When you are speaking with someone about a new position, even if it is with the same company for which you are working, you must be careful of your word choices. There are a few areas where one fails to choose words carefully during a job interview.

Some of the mistakes made during the job interview with respect to usage of words are:

1. Many people lose good opportunities because they fail to adhere to strict professional and grammatical correct language during a job interview. Even if you do not use correct grammar any other time, you will need to use it during a job interview. It may seem perfectly fine to use double negatives and slang when you are dealing with friends and co-workers, but if you want to win positive points during the job interview, you have to carefully choose your words and ensure that you avoid usage of double negatives or slang.

2. During a job interview never under any circumstances, use slang or curse words. For some that might mean thinking carefully before speaking but it is a very important task if you hope to find a job or move on to another one. What is acceptable at home or even at your work place is not acceptable in the interviewer’s office or other job interview-meeting place. Your choice of words can make a difference in whether you are chosen for the job for which you applied. If you aren’t sure how well your grammar skills are take a little time to brush up on some common word choices before you go to the job interview. Although little things such as ending a sentence with a preposition may go unnoticed during an interview, using incorrect verb forms or slang will be highly noticeable.

3. The topic of your conversation is another area where you need to be very professional during the job interview. Even if you know the interviewer as a friend, you should not use the job interview to share jokes or events outside of the interview or related events. There is a time to separate personal and business relationships and the job interview is one of them. Choose your topics carefully, make them related to the interview and skillfully choose your words so that you present yourself as a professional.

Job Interview Answers4. Another problem that happens during a job interview with respect to the choice is words when one uses words that do not fit into the sentence in which they are used!  You must never attempt to use big words whose meaning is not known to you. If you use a word in the wrong context you will do yourself more harm than good and even make you appear foolish in the eyes of the interviewer and will probably cost you the position for which you are applying. I have seen an instance where the interviewer feigned ignorance about the meaning of a word that the candidate had used and asked for the meaning. The result was not very pleasing. The candidate just fumbled and could not recover the lost ground at all. All his “confidence” was gone and presented a drastically different picture of himself from what he had created so far. Needless to mention that he did not get called for the second round of the job interview.

Your turn now to share your thoughts on how to use words during a job interview. Specifically:

  1. Do you agree that one must choose words carefully during the job interview?
  2. How do you make the choice for words to use during an interview?
  3. What advice would you like to share with others about the use of words during an interview?

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