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Choosing the Best Job Interview Option with Multiple Requests

Choosing the Best Job Interview Option with Multiple Requests

Job Interview selection has to be done carefully.

What do you do when you send out many resumes and get multiple requests for a job interview? If you are unemployed it isn’t a problem but what happens when you are looking for a career change and only have a limited amount of time available for job interviews? How do you choose from among your requests for a job interview? One of the best things to do is choose those that match closest to what you are seeking. When you have a limited amount of time it’s important to choose the job interview that would be the most beneficial to your career.

Job Interview Guide

How to select which job interview you should attend?

If you have several possibilities that might be good career choices, you may need to weigh all of the possibilities including speed of the job interview in order to make a good selection. Maybe you can consider taking a few hours off from your current position in order to interview for all of those positions that are good career choices. If you restrict yourself to a certain number of interviews, you may have a difficult time finding the position you want. That doesn’t mean you should take a lot of time off to interview for a different position. However, you want to be able to schedule your time so that you can fit in all of the interviews what you want to do is choose the job interview with those who can best help your career and where you have the highest potential for being hired. Avoid requests for job interview that does not directly promote your choice of a career.

Once you are able to allot the right amount of time to interview for the positions that best meet your career objectives, you need to make sure you follow proper job interview protocol to increase your chances for being hired. That means you want to dress appropriately and have a proper discussion at the job interview. You also want to make sure you focus your discussion on the position for which you are applying and avoid any personal discussions that are unrelated to the job application. It’s essential to remain focused if you wish to make a career change or enter a career as quickly as possible. Choosing the right interview offers will help you do that without interfering with your current working hours or duties. Be selective yet look to the best career choices at the same time in order to diminish your interview time.

Job Interview AnswersYour turn now to share how you select from multiple job interview calls. Specifically:

  1. Do you go for all the interviews that you get called for?
  2. If you have limited time on hand, how do you decide which job interview to attend and which to give a miss?
  3. What advice and tips would you like to share with other readers on interview selection?
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  1. The best (and most successful) job-seekers send a thank-you letter right after a job interview — a quick email thank-you, followed by a more detailed thank-you by postal mail. At the very latest, send thank-you or follow-up letters by mail within 24 hours of an interview. (For more information and resources, see our Thank-You Letter Resources for Job-Seekers .) You may even want to ensure that the interviewer has your thank-you letter in hand no later than end of the next day. What should be in a thank-you letter?

  2. Follow-up: Send a thank-you note within 24-48 hours of your interview. Send one to every person who interviewed you. Email is OK, but follow protocols for formal business correspondence, which is always more formal than typical email. Use the thank you note to reiterate your interest and to emphasize your specific qualifications for the position. What do you want them to remember about you that is likely to “sell” them on you as a viable candidate? Everything about the job search should be focused on what YOU can do for the company, what YOU bring to the position, and why the employer should hire YOU! The interview may be your one shot — so make it a good one!

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