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Does Your Cover Letter ASK for the Job Interview?

Does Your Cover Letter ASK for the Job Interview?

Cover Letter is no different from a good sales letter

Job seekers all over the world miss their golden opportunity to land an interview for the job they want––often for one simple reason. They neglect to ASK for one. They write a great cover letter, listing their accomplishments, their abilities, and the accolades they received for the work they’ve done. But they leave out an essential sentence:

May I come in for an interview?


I would love to interview for this position, can we schedule a time next week?

A cover letter must be used like a sales letter

It is very rare that a salesperson can close a sale without asking for the customer’s business. It shows that you are hungry to get things done and are a go-getter. This is not to say that without asking for business, one will never get an order. You could but the chances are much smaller than if you actually asked for it. The same is true in the case of the cover letter that you write along with the job resume.

There is no question that you can and will be called for more job interviews if you take that one step—asking for the opportunity to meet in person. Without the question, your cover letter fails to fully work in your favor. So be sure that every cover letter you write includes a request for a job interview.

Twice is Nice!

Ask for an interview in the beginning of your cover letter and again towards the end. It’s fine to use a friendly tone, but don’t be afraid to be direct too. You’re asking the hiring manager to give you a call and invite you in to talk about the job you both want to fill. This is as basic as it gets. Asking is one of simplest and more effective job-search tips you will read anywhere at any time. I hope you’ll take it to heart, use it, and then watch the results pour in.

When you ask for an interview audience in the cover letter, it conveys that you are serious about the opportunity. It also shows that you are aggressive and result oriented person who would like to achieve what he sets his mind to. It coveys your interest in the organisation and speaks volumes about your self esteem and confidence. All positive qualities that a prospective recruiter looks for in the potential candidates.

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You turn now to tell us about your thoughts on Cover Letter. Specifically:

  1. Do you ask for an interview in the cover letter that you write?
  2. What advice would you like to give to other readers about what should be written in the cover letter sent along with the resume?
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  1. Great post, thanks a lot for taking the time to put it together. I like the direction you are taking your blog. I will be bookmarking your site so I can follow along in the future. Hope to see more posts soon.

  2. Thanks Vyan for the kind words. I too hope to see you around more often

  3. Just wanted to say your blog is incredibly good. I usually like to hear a thing new about this since I have the similar blog in my Country on this subject so this help´s me a lot. I did a search on the subject matter and found a great range of blogs but nothing like this.Thanks for sharing so much in your blog.

  4. Thanks Prapti, I am glad that you liked the article and the blog. We try and bring whatever good information we can and try to make informative articles. And encouragement from readers such as you makes the effort worthwhile.

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