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How to E-mail Your Resume

Ever had questions or problems when e-mailing your resume to an employer?

If so, you have plenty of company.

The problem is often this — sometimes, when you send your resume to companies by e-mail, they write back saying the document was garbled or not attached to the e-mail correctly. If employers can’t read your resume, how are they going to hire you?

This can make you look all thumbs when it comes to technology. Worse, it can bring your job search to a screeching halt. So, how do you make sure your e-mailed resume is readable?

Here’s how …

Most people send their resume either as an attachment or in the body of an e-mail message. But, for maximum results and minimum headaches, I recommend that you do both.

First, send your resume as an attachment. When the reader gets your e-mail, they can download your document. Microsoft Word is the world’s most popular word processing software, so use this format for your attached resume, if possible. WordPerfect is a good second choice. Adobe Acrobat would be my third choice, only because it’s not what some employers may expect, not because they won’t be able to read it.

But attachments aren’t foolproof.

They may get scrambled during transmission and become impossible to open. Or, the reader may not have the same word processing software as you, preventing them from viewing your attached resume.

So, to make sure everyone can read your resume, you should also copy and paste the text of it into the body of your e-mail message. In your word processor, simply highlight the entire text of your resume, and copy it into the clipboard (short-term memory). Then, switch over to your e-mail program and paste the text into your message.

That’s it! When you e-mail your resume as both an attachment and with the text in the message itself, you can be certain that one way or another, your resume will get read.

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