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How To Make Sure That You’re At Home When Opportunity Knocks

Have you ever wondered why you are always the last one left in the queue when opportunities to change your life come around?

  • You know someone who has a fantastically well-paid job.
  • You know someone who has the happiest family life imaginable.
  • You even know someone who is just plain happy the whole time!

So why not you?

I’ll tell you why.

You wish that you had all those things – yet you don’t believe that you could ever have them.

No wonder you fail to ‘attract‘ any of the good stuff.

Outwardly you say “Why Me?” yet that little voice inside your head says “Because you can’t”. Really what it is saying is “Because you WON’T”.

Let’s cut to the chase.

You have to be prepared for the race to be able to enter it…and, if you’re not able to enter it – then you’ll hardly be able to win it, will you?

So – stop trying to ‘run before you can walk’.

In any challenge, preparation is the key ingredient for success. It’s all very well saying that you want something, but it’s another thing to actually sit down and work out exactly what you will need to do to achieve it.

The first place to start is inside your head. Above all others, this is the most crucial aspect of your foundation for success. Without the correct ‘start-up’ procedure, the computer otherwise known as your brain won’t be much use to you.

You need to draw a line underneath today…and who and where you are, and separate it from tomorrow and who and where you want to be. You need to consciously make the decision that ‘enough is enough’ and that things are going to change.

For good.

Ah, but you’ve tried that before, and failed haven’t you?

I was waiting for that one.

Today is going to be different. You’ll see.

So…what’s going to be different this time?

One word. Accountability.

You are finally going to become accountable for your actions. That’s right. Today is the day that you admit that you are where you are because of YOU.


Now – we haven’t got time for excuses – life’s too short. Get out a sheet of paper right now (I bet you don’t), and write down 10 times.

Today is the day that I accept responsibility for who I am, what I am, and where I am.”

This exercise may seem stupid, but there is a reason for it. Your brain responds to repeated commands (that’s why affirmations work for a lot of people).

One more thing.

Smile! This is supposed to be fun – not a chore! Think of how good you’ll feel when you are a success rather than worrying about why you won’t be.

Next. Open your eyes and your ears.

That’s right. Observe. Listen.

Opportunities are there right in front of you if you look for them. There could be one waiting for you right now if you look out of the window or at lunchtime as you watch the world go by.

These things don’t have to be big. All of my best ideas have come when I was not actively ‘thinking’ of them. They come to me in the shower, or as I am drifting off to sleep. They jump into my head as I wander around the mall, or as I watch TV.

The only difference between you and me is that I remember them by writing them down as soon as I can. You’d be surprised at how easily we forget things if we don’t get them down on paper quickly enough.

Who knows? That idea about doing something different at work you had whilst sitting in traffic in this morning could just make your fortune (or at least help your career).

Stranger things have happened, believe me.

An idea forgotten is an opportunity lost.

Remember enough of them and one will eventually be a winner.

To Our Success!

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