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I’m Not Worthy! Or Am I Just Using It As An Excuse?

Let’s be honest for a moment.

You don’t think that you will ever be successful and financially secure do you?

See – caught you! Feeling sorry for yourself again!

What chance do you have of achieving all that you would love to achieve if you aren’t even backing the ‘team’ you play for?

You may have had a ‘bad hand’ dealt for you in this game of life – but so what?

So have I!

You can either choose to stay and fight…or run away.

We all know what the easy option is. The length of time that you ‘hang around’ plays a large part in whether you are happy with what you’ve got or not.

Miserable and negative is easy. Happy and positive is hard.

Well, they’re hard at the beginning – but once you get into the rhythm – your natural instincts take over and all that negative energy is replaced with a zest for life.

Wouldn’t it feel great not to be phased by anything AT ALL?

I’ve said it before – but your degree of success in life is in no way linked to your bank balance. We’ve been conditioned for too long to judge how successful our life is by the number of the digits on our bank statement.


Start by being honest with what you want out of your life, work hard towards it – and the rest will fall into line behind it.

Think happiness first. Money second.

Most people get the two mixed up. Money can’t buy you happiness, but happiness can certainly help you with money!

I’m talking rubbish, right?

Maybe. But I’m certainly talking from experience.

Think of the things that REALLY matter to you.

  • Your family
  • Your health
  • Your happiness

Do you need money for them?

Money oils the wheels of life that’s for sure – but until you learn how to ‘drive’ it’s not a lot of use.

The first step is to be totally honest with yourself. Accept that whatever your life is now is a reflection of what you think.

I agree that there are some things that aren’t your fault. But remember – it’s not what happens to you that affects your life – it’s how you ‘handle it’ mentally that has the impact.

Take charge. Take control. Be accountable. Get your head right before you try and get your bank balance right.

Just because happiness doesn’t equal dollars – it doesn’t mean that they are not closely linked.

It may take a few months. It may take a few years.

But it will take you a lifetime if you’re not honest with yourself.

To Our Success!

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