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Me, Impatient? I Haven’t Got The Time!

It took her five hours of concentrated, dedicated effort until she finished her project.

It was a garden made out of modeling clay and twigs.

It was her pride and joy…tomorrow it would be a collage, she told us.

Have you noticed how children can just devote hours to a project…and then just move on to the next one as soon as they have finished it?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that without getting distracted?

Well…you can, but you won’t. You’ll be too busy thinking about the consequences of your actions at the expense of actually doing them.

One of the benefits of writing these sort of articles is that I must practice what I preach – otherwise I would get ‘caught out’.

So…I know what it’s like to go from a sloppy, unfocused guy to someone who makes sure that he finishes things he starts, no matter how long it may take.

I also know that this success stuff is SIMPLE. The hard part is actually doing it – and sticking with it. We’re always too busy thinking forwards instead of focusing on the NOW.

So – what can you do about it?

Well, you can stop saying that you haven’t got the time for a start. No matter what your situation or your environment; you can ‘find’ time to devote to your own success.

It’s not how much time you have; it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.

That’s where patience comes in. Forget quick-fix, get-rich-quick, ready-made, take-away, part-time. I’m not interested in any of that temporary stuff.

I’m interested in devoting fifteen minutes a day to something that I won’t get the benefit of until next year.

I’m interested in paying out now in the knowledge that, if I use the information wisely, it will pay off in the future.

YOU should be interested in how you look at your life.

  • Patience is building a foundation a little at a time to secure your future.
  • Patience is taking a deep breath and forcing yourself to do something new.
  • Patience is not giving up at the first sign of pressure or of failure.
  • Patience is deciding to change your life, and sticking with that decision through thick and thin until you find a way that works for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a millionaire, or a better parent. Patience is a skill that we ‘think’ ourselves out of as we grow older.

You had the skill as a five year old – so there is no reason why you can’t learn it again.

If you’re an impatient person, you might as well start straight away then, shouldn’t you?

To Our Success!

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