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Inspiration Without Perspiration? Forget It!

I’ve got writer’s block.

No. I tell a lie. I can’t really be bothered to write this.

I’ve run out of something inspired to say.

But…by the end of this, I guarantee that I will have written something that I will be proud of.

How do I know?

Because I know how inspiration works.

Inspiration is one of those many things in our lives that lie stagnant until we awaken it by actually doing something.


The last thing that I want to do is write – yet, the more I do – the more I am ‘getting into it.

In fact, I’m quite enjoying it now!

Five minutes ago I would rather have watched TV – yet now I am really interested to see where my writing is going to take me.

Ever felt like that?

Ever had that ‘Monday morning’ feeling when you know that you HAVE to do something when you don’t really feel like it?

You’d do anything except do what you need to do – yet you know that, once you’ve done it, you’ll feel a hundred times happier.

Like writing that book you’ve always wanted to.

Or learning to play a musical instrument.

Or going back to college to train in something you really want to do.

They’re all scary things – yet they all are easily achievable if you actually START them.

And that’s the hardest part.


I bet you that you’ve got a little hidden ‘project’ you’re thinking about right now as you read this.

It would be wonderful to do it, wouldn’t it?

Finally prove to yourself that you can really do it…or find out that maybe it was something that you didn’t really want to do after all.

At least then it will free-up some ‘mind-space’ for something else.

The first step is always the hardest – yet it’s the easiest when you look back on it.

I know…I’m going to write 500 words when I didn’t really feel like it.

But, you see, I get my inspiration from knowing that I CAN do it – and that just starting will be enough to see me through to the end.

What little something is suffocating your ability to act on that little project?

It’s like a circle -

Once you act, you become inspired,


once you become inspired, you become inspired to act even more.


What are you going to do?

Are you going to find an excuse NOT to start…or are you actually GOING to start? If the excuse wins then maybe you don’t really want to do it after all?

But if you don’t…what are you going to DO instead? Talking is easy, and even acting isn’t difficult. The hardest part is beginning.

You want to do something…to be someone…to achieve something…

Don’t waste the opportunity to start, now, TODAY. Don’t wait until tomorrow – it never comes because it always turns into today.

So what are you waiting for?

To Our Success!

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