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Job Interview – Do’s and Don’ts

Job Interview – Do’s and Don’ts

Job interview is a serious business.

We have already stated that a job interview is a serious business – one that can make or break the chances of getting the job that you want. We at Jobs, Skills & Advice pride ourselves in offering serious advice and tips on career and personal development. From this week onward, we will bring a fortnightly post on how to succeed at job interview – this being the first in the series.

If you want to increase your chances of obtaining the job for which you are applying, you need to know what is acceptable and what is not when you go for a job interview. However, they may seem like small things to a job applicant, doing the right things can make the different in your potential for being hired. It is important to know what things may earn you extra points and those that will take away and cost you the opportunity for that job.

Although most people are aware of what to do and not do during a job interview, those who are looking for their first job—at least their first full-time job—may not be aware of those things.

Things to do before and during a job interview

  • Find out something about the company. This is one of the fundamentals of a job interview. I have seen many a candidate ruin their chances by not being able to answer the simple question, “what do you know about our company”. If you have not taken the pain to know a little about the company where you intend to work, it gives an impression that you are not serious.
  • Have a hard copy of your resume available
  • Make sure you have proper clothing for the job interview (professional or business casual depending on the company), freshly laundered and pressed or hung to dry to remove wrinkles. The first impression that you create at times is also the last one. So be careful with your attire.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask at the job interview. It shows your preparation and planning skills.
  • Have a notebook to take notes during the job interview.
  • Be on time for the interview—if there are circumstances beyond your control call the interviewer and give him or her the option to still see you or reschedule the interview. Again, this is a cardinal principal that must be followed. NEVER KEEP THE INTERVIEWER WAITING.
  • Leave your cell phone in the car or turn it off during the job interview.
  • Send a Thank You note to the interviewer as soon as possible after the interview. This increases your chances of being hired.

Killer job interview secretsThings not to do before or during the job interview

  • Do not schedule interviews too close together in case there are additional things you need to do such as testing or meeting with the department manager
  • Do not bring your children or anyone else with you to an interview unless they are also applying for a position. I have seen many a people bring their spouses, friends and parents on a job interview. A definite NO NO. It shows that you are not able to handle things yourself. And no company would like to hire someone who depends on others for simple things.
  • Never smoke during the job interview even if you are allowed to do so and if you smoke right before the interview have gum or breath mints for your mouth and spray to remove the smell from your clothing.
  • Never snack or chew gum. If you use gum or mints to kill the taste of cigarette smoke, finish them before you go in for the interview
  • Stay on topic during the interview and avoid personal discussions.
  • Do not bring drinks into the interview—if the interviewer asks if you would like coffee, tea or water you may then accept. In fact I would definitely accept because it gives you that much more time with the interviewer. And you can definitely use that extra time to your advantage if you play your cards right.

Your turn to share your thoughts on the don’s and don’t for a job interview. Specifically:

  1. What precautions do you take before, during and after the job interview.
  2. What tips would you like to give to first timers.
  3. Would you like to share some tips for an experienced candidates as well?

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