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Keep Your Job Resume Updated With The Times

Keep Your Job Resume Updated With The Times

Job resume is the KEY to get interview calls

Job resume can make or break your job search. A great job resume is like the advertisement that gets customers to line up for the advertisers products. It therefore stands to reason that if you want to get called for interviews from your target companies, your resume has to be compelling enough for the recruiters to pick up their phones and dial your number. In fact we have written a lot of articles on this site on how to create outstanding resumes that are read.

However, unfortunately, for many people, writing a job resume is really difficult, almost as difficult as going to the dentist. My experience tells me that most of the candidates used the same old resume that they created 10 years ago. With the passing of time, all that they do is add the new job to their age old resume and send it with the fond hope of getting called by the recruiters.

My suggestion is – out with the old and in with the new. Let me give you some examples of what I mean by that. In the computer industry, terms like ASP or hosted services were hot back in the late 90’s and the early 2000s. But, the new term for these services that people use over the Internet is SaaS or Solution as a Service.

It’s important to highlight these current terms in your job resume because it illustrates that you are not stuck in the old ways of doing things, i.e. that you are current with today’s market, industry and trends. Otherwise, many prospective employers might pass you up as “outdated.”

Another example of cleaning up your job resume is to consolidate your job descriptions. I’ve seen many resumes that are like “run on” sentences. Each job position gets pushed down the chronological order without any editing. The result is that, you have a job resume that is more like a book, rather than a concise understanding of who you are and your capabilities.

These job resume “books” will turn off most hiring managers.

In addition, it sometimes illustrates a lack of focus. One way of condensing jobs that were more than 10 years prior is to put a one sentence description of that position in your resume. I generally recommend candidates to keep their resumes to no more than 15 years, sometimes even 10, especially if you’re in a field where the technology changes rapidly.

Job ResumeAlso keep in mind the type of job for which you are applying. If you have positions on your job resume which do not match up with that job, it would be better that you “de-highlight” that job experience. The key word here is “relevance.” Ask yourself if these jobs that you’re listing in your job resume relevant to the position for which you are applying? It’s a very simple question to answer. Some of the accomplishments within the job may be, so certainly highlight them, but keep other irrelevant experience / accomplishments to a minimum.

Education is another area which seems to be overused in a job resume. I’ve seen many resumes which list every certificate, internship, even high school that the candidate has attended. This is not only overkill, but in my opinion, almost makes me ask “is the candidate trying to cover up something lacking elsewhere?” I certainly recommend putting in your college degrees and any relevant subsequent advanced classes, such as business finance or corporate law, but certificates in public speaking are non-essential.

I have also seen many other details that are not relevant to the job being mentioned. For example, listing your IT programming skills such as Java, PHP etc on your job resume while applying for a sales job! Just because you did a IT course is no reason to put it on the resume.

Here’s a final thought on job resume writing tips. Read your job resume from the employer’s eyes. Is your resume concise? Can you easily see your accomplishments, not just what jobs you’ve performed? Are you current with recent events / terminology (i.e. not “dating” yourself or skills)? Would you hire “you?”

And finally, there is no harm in getting your job resume checked by others. Your friends or someone close could give you tips and suggestions to improve your resume. In fact you must definitely try a and take a second opinion on what you have made.

If you can answer these questions positively, you should be well on your way to getting to the job interview.

Your turn to give ideas on how to keep job resume updated with times. Specifically:

  1. What steps do you take to ensure your job resume is current in all respects?
  2. Do you use services of professional resume writers when you have to apply for jobs?
  3. Do you think that resume is really an important factor in job search at all?

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