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Job Search – Let The Job Find You

Job Search – Let The Job Find You

Job Search is best when you make a job find you instead of the other way round!

All of us have at some point in time in our lives been involved in a job search. But with the ever increasing competition we need to find innovative ways of job search.

Here’s the transcript from a phone interview that Kevin Donlin, from Guerrilla Job Search International, recently did with one happy Guerrilla Job Hunter, Scott Melrose, from Mokena, Illinois.

He was hired for an executive position by an employer who found him on Linkedin, after he re-did his online profile to match his Guerrilla Resume.

What can you learn from Scott’s remarkable success story for job search ?

Read on …

Kevin Donlin: Let me set the stage. Scott, you are a very busy executive and you had been doing your job search for three to four months using traditional methods. How many interviews did you get doing that?

Scott: None.

Kevin: Zero. Then you started using Guerrilla Job Search Tactics, including a Guerrilla Resume. What happened after that?

Scott: When I started using the Guerrilla Job Search tactics with Guerrilla Resume and also building it into my LinkedIn profile, people started finding me. They started coming out of the woodwork. I actually ended up with a position that is a better fit for me than anything I was able to find through research.

Kevin: Using Guerrilla job search tactics, how many different companies did you interview with?

Scott: Four.

Kevin: Four, and you just got a job offer now, in early April. You were offered a new job about April 2?

Scott: Correct.

Kevin: Congratulations! Now, what other Guerrilla tactics worked in your job search? Which ones were most helpful for you?

Scott: The main thing was highlighting my strengths and having that online. Taking care of the LinkedIn; getting a lot of connections so I would show up with a lot of other people; taking control of my ZoomInfo profile.

Kevin: During your job search, how did you actually find out about the job that you accepted?

Scott: I got contacted via one of the people who will be my counterpart saying, “Hey, you look like someone we would like to have on our team.”

Kevin: So they found you on Linkedin?

Scott: Yes.

Kevin: If I recall your LinkedIn profile, it’s largely based on what we preach and teach in creating a Guerrilla Job Search Resume. You’re using pretty much the same information?

Scott: I was cutting and pasting the Guerrilla Resume right into LinkedIn. And it really helped me with my job search. It made the job come to me!

Kevin: Good. Are there any other tactics that got good results for you that we haven’t talked about in Guerrilla Job Search?

Scott: The resume format, which I don’t believe we spent time on, is really powerful, and they were very helpful in getting me set up with that with the templates and the advice on where to get the logos.

Having the logos and then the quotes from previous managers and customers really paved the way for me. The evidence was there for the quality of work that I do, not just from me but from the people who have paid me in the past.

Kevin: Good. The evidence had been hiding in your work history until the Guerrilla Job Search Resume prompted you to go back and examine it differently, is that not true?

Scott: Correct.

guerrilla resumes for job searchKevin: You would never have thought of putting logos and quotes in your resume. You’ve never heard of that before, have you?

Scott: I would have never dreamed of it.

Kevin: What was the reaction employers had to your resume?

Scott: It was killer. It was really killer, Kevin. Everybody that I showed it to was really impressed with it.

Kevin: Do you think that helped you interview more confidently?

Scott: Absolutely!

Kevin: Thanks, Scott. You’ve just shown that the best way to find a job is for the job to find you.

Your takeaway lessons for job search:

1) Make sure your Linkedin profile has recommendations AND specific achievements for each job you’ve held. This can attract potential employers, as Scott’s profile did for him.

2) Consider using a Guerrilla Resume, which emphasizes graphics and quotes from past employers, clients, and schools you attended. Done correctly, a Guerrilla Resume can be very effective.

“The Best Way to Find a Job? The Job Finds You! New Guerrilla Job Search Success Story” by Kevin Donlin, Minneapolis Star Tribune

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