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How Job Seekers Should Deal with the Recession

The current economic recession has left many employees and job seekers feeling chronically fearful, anxious and stressed about their jobs and financial futures. Constant stress, however, can wear you down, leaving you prone to depression.

There are two types of depression, productive and unproductive according to Professor Josh Klapow, Ph.D. Unproductive worry is worry about things that you cannot control. Productive worry, on the other hand, is worry about what you can control. Klapow suggests that you use productive worry to motivate you to take action to improve your situation rather than dwelling on what you can’t change.

Job seekers should have long-term focus, but short-term goals. The most successful job-seekers have a long-term career strategy developed with smaller short-term goals to assist them in achieving that long-term goal. Your most basic goal could be to simply find a new job in your field, but even in this job market, that could be more long-term. Instead of dwelling too much on getting the job, put more emphasis on the process of finding the job.

In other words, create daily job-hunting goals for yourself. Make it a goal to accomplish several things each day, such as tracking down job leads, applying for jobs, making new network contacts, following up job leads, going on job interviews and other tasks related to your job hunting process.

The more things you can do today to find a new job the more you increase your chances of getting one. It may not be tomorrow or even next month, but believe that it will come.

During the tough times brought by the recession, job seekers must have a support group. Do not suffer bad times such as a rejected application all by yourself. Seek out the emotional support from your family and friends. Talking about our problems and fears usually makes us feel better.

Whatever you do, don’t hide your problems from the people closest to you. There is no shame in being downsized or in struggling to find new employment. Again, you’re not the only one who’s struggling during the recession.

The other benefit from seeking the support of others is that the more people in your network of contacts that know you are seeking a job, the more likely you will uncover more job leads that you may never have found if people around you did not know you were seeking a new position.

Job seekers should be stronger and more determined at this time of recession. Keep in mind that despite recession, it is not impossible to get the job you desire. Work hard on your goals, and you’ll surely get hired.

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