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Keys To A Perfect Job Interview

Keys To A Perfect Job Interview

Job interview is a puzzle that many people find difficult to solve.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances are quick to tell you what not to do in a job interview, on the job, while dealing with clients, or during a conversation with management. NO doubt such advice can be helpful, but wouldn’t it be more useful as well as motivating to be told what to do?

That’s the point of this article––to offer you six keys that can unlock the job interview puzzle and make the job interview smashing and successful for you. After you’ve read them over, copy the list so you can review it as often as needed, relax, and then walk into the job interview with confidence.

The six keys to a perfect job interview

1. Arrive early—not merely on time. The interviewer may keep you waiting but you should not keep him or her waiting. It’s also wise to allow time for unexpected traffic snarls, a coffee break and a restroom stop. And don’t wing it when it comes to locating the correct building. Use a navigation system or print out directions from the Internet. If you have any doubts about the best route, call the company and ask for help. I will go so far as to say that you should arrive early, if not on time for all your meetings, leave alone the job interview.

2. Empty your pockets ahead of time. There is nothing more annoying than the noise of someone fiddling with keys or coins in a trouser or pant pocket while you’re talking. Put any jingly items in your purse or briefcase until the interview is over. That goes for dangling earrings and clanking bracelets, as well. They can be a distraction fro both you and the interview. Help yourself focus on your job interview.

3. Leave cigarettes and chewing gum at home or in your car. Be ready to focus your attention on the interviewer and his or her questions. Also avoid hard candy and cough drops. They can impede your speech when you try to suck and speak at the same time. If your mouth feels dry, sip plain water. In fat, drink a glass of water just before you get in to face the interview board. Your job interview will be successful if your voice is clear and confident.

4. Avoid expectations. Focus on the moment, not on what you hope or want the moment to hold for you. Enter the interview room with a ‘clean slate.’ In other words, take it as it comes and make the best of it. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Welcome it. You’ll be meeting and speaking with someone who may be the key to your next job. Pay attention to what he or she is saying and respond in a friendly yet professional way. Treat the job interview as a meeting with a potential friend or partner. Tell yourself that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

5. Be ready. Arrive prepared to talk about the job you hope to get and your qualifications, as well as your previous work experience. Written notes can be helpful—especially if you tend to get nervous when speaking with someone in authority. And don’t forget that it’s all right for you to ask some questions too during the job interview. Find out what you need to know in order to make an honest appraisal of the company and whether or not it’s a good fit for you—even if the employer wants you.

Job Interview Secrets
6. Believe the best. Come into the job interview with the attitude of a winner. Whether or not you are hired really doesn’t matter as long as you do your best. At some point you will land the position that’s ideal for you. Meanwhile, you’ll be practicing your communication skills and presenting your true self. Step up to the opportunity and make the most the job interview.

This article has been contributed by Jimmy Sweeney President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new, Job Interview “Secret”

Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the brand new “Secret Career Document” job landing system. Jimmy is also the author of several career related books and writes a monthly article titled, “Tough Times Job Tips.”

Your turn now to tell us what are your secrets keys to solve the job interview puzzle. Specifically:

  1. How do you prepare for your job interview?
  2. What do you do before the job interview?
  3. What tips would you like to share on job interview preparation?
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Keys To A Perfect Job Interview