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Post Job Interview Letter

Post Job Interview Letter

Job interview is not over once you walk out of the interview room.

One of the basic things taught to a sales trainee is that you must write a thank you letter to the prospective customer after the meeting. This acts as a basic etiquette. But it has the bigger purpose of reminding the customer about yourself, your product and keeping the lines of communication open.

In the same way one must write a thank you letter after the job interview addressed to the interviewer(s). The purpose of the post job interview letter is similar to the one that is mentioned above – remind the interview about yourself. It could also reiterate the reasons why you are a suitable candidate for the position.

You should however write a post job interview letter that goes the extra mile.

There are thank you notes that cover basic etiquette, the kind that will get you by. “Thank you for meeting me to discuss the administrative assistant position at your company. I enjoyed speaking with you. Sincerely . . . “

And then there are thank you letters that go the extra mile, the kind that not only express appreciation but also engage the interest of the hiring manager. You’ll want to write one of those if you hope to be remembered, called back for a second job interview, and considered a person of character and thoughtfulness.

Take Note On The Thank You Note…

Such post job interview letters are written in the job candidate’s own handwriting, not typed, and not sent as an e-mail attachment. Take the time to sit down and write a professional yet friendly thank you note that expresses your gratitude for the job interview and also includes a small but timely ‘informational gift.’

Such a gift is not a coffee card or clothing store certificate. An informational gift could be an article, a tip, a web site, or a contact name and phone number that relates to something you and the interviewer discussed. That might be golf or jazz or quilting or some other shared interest. One job candidate noticed the interviewer’s passion for impressionist art. In his thank you note he provided a link to an article about Cezanne masterpieces.

It takes so little to be above average. You can move to the top of the hiring manager‘s list of job candidates with a thoughtful post interview thank you letter that goes the extra mile.

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Your turn to share you comments on the importance and content of post job interview letter. Specifically:

  1. Do you think it is a good idea to write a letter to the interviewer after the job interview?
  2. Have you ever in the past written such a letter after your job interview?
  3. What advice would you like to share with other readers on a post job interview letter.
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