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Tips To Manage Your New Boss

Tips To Manage Your New Boss

Manage your new boss

Your old boss has moved on and a new one is taking his place. It is like a new job altogether. Or like a batsman who has to take fresh guard the next morning – a new innings.

Whether your equation with your old boss was great, or not so good, it’s always a challenge adjusting to a new boss. You have to start all over again and manage your new boss to keep your position at office!

Here are 5 pointers on how to build a rapport to manage your new boss.

1) Do your Due Diligence: Take time to learn all you can about your new boss. “Understanding what is important to the boss is a sure shot way to establish rapport.” This is true to manage your boss. And more so when you have to manage your new boss. A boss cannot be avoided. It would therefore do you a whole lot of good to understand you new boss and work accordingly.

2) Get Feedback: To be able to manage your new boss, ask what you can do to produce better work and what you need to change. That way, your new boss knows you are willing to go the extra mile. I can assure you that a boss needs that kind of go-getters in team.

3) Make Yourself Useful: Figure out ways in which you can be relevant. Identity the opportunities. For instance, if your boss needs extra help on an assignment and you pitch in, that will make a good impression.

4) Watch what you say: Don’t try earn brownie points by badmouthing your old boss, and don’t start discussing the new boss’ shortcomings with co-workers. If you want to manage your new boss, you have to prove that you can be trusted. And if your bad-mouth your old boss, he will wonder if you will do the same with him when he is not your boss any longer.

5) Stay within Limits to manage your new boss: Be punctual, focused and deadline-oriented. Work hard and always give it your best shot. At the same time, don’t promise more than you can deliver. Otherwise you risk damaging your reputation at work.

Manage your new boss for stress free work placeYour turn now to share your thoughts on how to manage the new boss. Specifically:

  1. How many times did you have a new boss?
  2. How do you manage your new boss?
  3. What tips would you like to share with others on how to manage your new boss.
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Note: Article adapted from The Economic Times

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