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Why You’re Only Five Minutes Away From Success

“You’re joking, aren’t you?” I bet you’re thinking.

“How the hell can five minutes make a difference in my life?”

Well…it can. It does. And it will.


Well…let me tell you a story…

Your alarm goes off, you roll over…and give yourself an extra five minutes.

Because you’re now a little late – you have to rush your shower – but you’re still behind.

You gulp down your coffee and take a fast walk to the train station. You get there just as your train begins to pull away.

You’re going to be late – and you’re not happy! You know that you’re going to have to jog at the other end because your boss doesn’t like lateness.

Five minutes was all it took to ‘ruin’ your day.

OK. Well maybe that doesn’t happen ALL of the time – but it certainly happened to me every now and again. I might not have missed the train – but I began my day a lot more stressed out than I intended to.

All because of five minutes.

Getting the kids ready for school, meeting friends for dinner, having too long for lunch.

All it takes is five minutes.

I noticed the other day how worried my eight-year-old daughter gets when she thinks that she is going to be late for school. Her little face crinkles up – and her feet start skipping along the ground because she desperately wants to get in line before the bell goes.

All because we got up five minutes later than we should have.

You’ve got that important report to finish today – but you put it off until after lunch. Then your friend phones and you give yourself time for a little chat. Before you know it – your boss is asking for the report he needs because he’s leaving early today.

If only you hadn’t taken those five minutes to chat to your friend.

Success isn’t about making huge changes, or taking massive chances.


Success is entirely dependent on those little things that you regularly do that you know that you shouldn’t.

Those five minutes soon add up. You might be wasting an hour a day on gossip, laziness, and perhaps, boredom.

What chance have you got of making space in your life for the ‘new you’ if it’s cluttered with those little things that don’t matter?

It’s like someone telling you that you are getting paid for one hour less every day. All of a sudden you lose 1/7th of your salary.

Yet it’s even worse.

You’re not losing money. You’re losing time.

Without time you will never achieve what you want. Period.

You’ve heard the stories about those successful people who achieve so much more in a day than you or I ever could. Well – YOU could be achieving so much more in your life if you manage your time more effectively.

It may seem like only five minutes – but it’s five minutes that you will never have again.

So…unless you use it – you’ll lose it. Forever.

To Our Success!

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