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Asking For A Raise In Salary: Getting Over Your Fears

Asking For A Raise In Salary: Getting Over Your Fears

Raise In Salary can be asked for if you can overcome your fears!

Asking for a raise in salary is a very touchy, emotional and controversial subject. And we started on this very subject a few days back when we posted an article on Myths About Raise In Salary. In this article we want to take the discussion to the next level – maybe more controversial and emotional. The reason is that like everything else, this subject of asking for a raise in salary, too has two opposing points of views. And how one would react to it will depend on the side of table one is sitting!

In today’s economy, employees of all levels of experience are largely considered “expendable” — whether your boss or company admits it or not. You must then treat your employer as expendable, as well!!

They have no fear of letting you go. Why should you be fearful of asking for what you deserve?

That is, why should you be fearful of asking for a raise in salary?

When you are at the beginning of your career curve, you must be willing to look for another job as soon as you feel that your career progress is being blocked. If you are not being given assignments that challenge you, or you are not being rewarded for your efforts — then address the issue by talking to the right people within the organisation — or get out of there.

Ask for a raise in salary if you feel that you deserve it. Of course you need to have your sales pitch and strategy right!

You can’t waste your working life waiting for your boss to get smart. Don’t be fearful of standing up for yourself. Asking for a raise in salary is a common conversation in the workplace. If you do it tactfully and professionally, then you have much to gain.

Remember, your approach should not be “I want a raise in salary” – it should be “here are the reasons why I deserve a raise in salary.” If you have good reasons, and a solid backup plan, then you should not be fearful.

If you are scared of making waves by asking for a raise in salary, and you fail to take action, then you will probably be able to keep to your job, but

  • you won’t be making the money you feel you deserve,
  • you will start to slip behind as other people advance, and
  • most importantly, you’ll be unhappy and soon start feeling demotivated which will reflect badly in your work.

Fear is only a feeling, and it will pass. Experiencing the sensation of fear is totally normal when asking for a raise in salary. If you know that from time to time it is inevitable that you will experience fear and self-doubt, then you can be prepared for it, and you will know that it will pass.

Asking for a raise in salaryThe best way to overcome fear is to PREPARE thoroughly. If you still feel nervous after you have prepared thoroughly the, then do read  ”Understanding The Reasons Why You Get Nervous” report that comes with the eBook How To AskFor A Raise In Salary. You will learn the reasons WHY you are getting nervous and a simple 9-step exercise that will calm your nerves every time.

Your turn to let us know your feelings about asking for a raise in salary. Specifically:

  1. Have you ever asked for a raise in salary?
  2. How did you ask for the raise in salary?
  3. What advice and tips would you like to share with the other readers here?

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  1. If you’ve been on the job for a while but haven’t seen any increase to your salary despite your many accomplishments, it might be time to consider asking for a raise. Your salary negotiations should focus on the positive contributions you have made to the company and the significant accomplishments and responsibilities you have taken on since your last raise. If you typically have trouble remembering all the details in a face-to-face meeting, a letter requesting a salary negotiations meeting — or summarizing a meeting you have already had — and describing your accomplishments is a good approach.

  2. Well it’s one thing to ask your boss a salary raise, your boss accepting it is another.

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