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Get Your Resume Noticed With A Killer Cover Letter

Often times we lack the confidence when writing a cover letter for a resume.  Even with help from others we struggle to draft the best cover letter possible.  Despite what you may think crafting powerful cover letters for a resume does not require much time or effort.  In fact by keeping the following points in mind you can be assured of creating a memorable impression in the mind of your potential employer.

A job cover letter is akin to a first meeting, get it wrong and you’re unlikely to hear from the employer again.  If you’re eager to land your dream job or to receive calls from the companies you have applied for it’s important that you draft an excellent cover letter for your resume.

It’s well documented that when a vacancy in any organization arises, the Human Resources department is flooded with applications.  It’s impossible for the hiring manager to scrutinize every application that comes through the office.  The Human Resources team would then browse through each resumes cover letter, short listing the best ones. It is therefore of paramount importance that your cover letter grab the attention of the hiring team at the very first instance, making your resumes cover letter the single most important piece of paper.  There are instances where even the most qualified person doesn’t get further consideration for the position due to a poorly written cover letter.  By not making a memorable impression right off the bat will do you no favors leaving employers unimpressed, uninterested and moving to the next cover letter in the pile.

With a few solid techniques you can however get your cover letter for your resume noticed by the hiring team and land yourself the dream job.

1. Addressing the cover letter to the right person is always the best place to start.  Believe it or not most people are unaware of who to send their cover letter to tragically ending up with the usual ‘To whomsoever it may concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam”.  With a little legwork on your part you can find out who your hiring manager is and address the letter directly to him/her bringing a personal touch making your letter stand out from the rest.

2. Follow up with your cover letter.  If it’s been a couple of weeks since you sent your cover letter and resume and have not had a reply, follow up with a second letter.  This is one of the most effective techniques rarely used by the majority of people.  This is because most people can’t be bothered.  When you follow up it shows you are dedicated and are serious about the job increasing your chances of landing an interview with the company.

3. Ask for the interview.  In this life you get what you ask for.  It’s not too forward to ask for an interview, if anything it shows your determination and initiative.  It is important that you ask for an interview in your cover letter for your resume.  After you have finished the interview send in another letter to thank the hiring manager for the interview and ask for the job.  Again, fortune is for the bold, the same goes for job hunting.

It’s important that the cover letter addresses the most important question in the minds of the employer “Why should they hire you?”  This should be the guiding light by which you outline your best qualities to secure the job.

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