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Shooting "PAR" On The Job Resume

Shooting "PAR" On The Job Resume

Job resume opens the door of the interview room!

Shooting PAR on a golf course is tough! It is tougher for someone like me who is not very adept at golf. However, shooting “PAR” with your job resume is easy if you know the P-A-R formula.

Here’s a specific strategy that will impress any hiring manager and benefit you in a BIG way.

            P = PROBLEM

            A = ACTION

            R = RESULT           

When writing about your experience at your previous place of employment, state the PROBLEM you encountered, the ACTION you took to resolve the conflict, and the RESULT that occurred because of what you did. Use clear, focused wording and be brief in the job resume so the hiring manager can take it in with a sweep of the eye.

Shooting “PAR” On The Job Resume - Example #1:

I faced a disorganized, poorly managed warehouse (PROBLEM) when I went to work for XYZ Enterprises. Within six months I transformed the place into a smooth-running operation by limiting stock orders according to projected sales, letting go of three unreliable part-time employees, and automating an obsolete system of tracking sales and deliveries (ACTION), which brought about a savings for the company of $200,000 the first year (RESULT).

Shooting “PAR” On The Job Resume - Example #2:

I inherited an engineering company’s outdated filing system (PROBLEM) and resolved the issues it created by introducing and training employees in the use of a simple but sophisticated functional-coding system (ACTION), which helped recover valuable, previously misplaced or lost project records, bringing about a smooth, error-free solution to a major flaw in the company’s operation. (RESULT)

Shooting “PAR” On The Job Resume – Example #3:

The branch I joined had been experiencing negative sales growth for the last 3 years and had outstanding that were almost equal to 120 days of sales (PROBLEM). My analysis showed that the reason for lower sales was over-reliance on just 4 distributions for the entire state. I added 20 NEW distributors in the state covering areas that had never been visited (ACTION) and thus was able to register 100% growth over previous year and bring down the outstanding to less than 10 days of sales RESULT).

Keep your job resume clear and concise

Hit P-A-R each time you draft a job resume by stating the Problem you faced, the Action you took, and the Result you achieved in your previous job. Such clear and concise writing will surely convince any hiring manager that you can do the same in the new position.

Remember, every company faces PROBLEMS and they are looking for their employees to take ACTION that produces bottom line RESULTS. With the ever increasing competition, companies would like to be able to hire employees who will be able to help them reduce cost and deliver better value to customers.

One of the key ways in which a company can reduce its costs is be being able to hire people who will have much shorter learning curve and thus are able to start delivering results more quickly. You must ensure that your job resume reflects that.

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Your turn now to share your ideas on how you shoot P-A-R with your job resume. Specifically:

  1. How do you communicate your abilities to the prospective employer through your job resume?
  2. Do you think that a job resume should just be a listing of the companies that you have previously worked with with some details about the job description?
  3. What advice would you like to share with other with respect to differentiating oneself through the job resume.

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  1. Very Impressive..I would defintely rebuild my resume….

  2. Thanks Praveen for the encouragement.

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