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Are You Sleeping With The Motivation Enemy?

It’s much easier to let someone else do it.

Sit back. Have a little rest.

We can’t expect to be living ‘on the edge’ ALL the time can we?

All this gung-ho, positive thinking stuff can get a bit tiring can’t it?

Maybe…but only if you let it.

Getting motivated to do something is usually the easy part. It’s staying motivated that’s hard.

How many times have you been totally ‘psyched up’ for a new and exciting project only for it to fizzle out within a few days or weeks?

I know – I’ve been there to.

The motivation demon is as hard as any habit to break. But you can do it – if you talk to your best friend.

That little voice in your head. You know – that voice who constantly chatters away to you, telling you things like:

  • “It’ll never work”
  • “I’m not talented enough”
  • “I don’t deserve this”
  • “I’ll probably muck it up soon”

Sound familiar?

That little gremlin is your worst enemy as well as your biggest fan. But how do you get him (or her) on your side – how do you take his legs away when he’s running you down?

Just smack him round the face with desire. Passion. Focus. Cheerfulness!

What? Cheerfulness? That’s a little ‘soft’ isn’t it?

Well, warm and cuddly works, believe me!

Motivation is linked very closely to acceptance. Your little friend has been conditioned by your past to remind you of your failures.

So when he says “You’re going to fail again” – it’s easy to agree with him.

OK. So how can you change him?

Let me ask you a question.

“Have you ever laughed at someone when they are shouting at you?”

I do sometimes. It annoys the hell out of my wife and daughter! But it certainly has the desired effect. The person who’s shouting doesn’t know what to do! They’re used to someone shouting back at them.

They know that they can win on their terms – but your laughter totally confuses them! (Note : Don’t do this all the time – I’m sure that your boss wouldn’t appreciate it!)

That’s the way you tackle your motivation gremlin.

Laugh at him when he tells you that you’re not up to standard. It really confuses him I can tell you.

  • “It’ll never work”

- So What? I can be proud of myself for trying!

  • “I’m not talented enough”

- I won’t know until I try, will I?

  • “I don’t deserve this”

- Of course I deserve it! I’m going to work hard to prove it!

  • “I’ll probably muck it up soon”

- And if I do? I’ll learn from it and move on!

Humor your gremlin – just don’t feed him. Sleep with him, but make sure that he sticks to his side of the bed.

And…when he wants his friends to sleep over – just tell him to stay over their house for the night instead.

Don’t make your life become too serious…

Challenging yourself to make more of your life should be FUN!

To Our Success!

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