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Keys To Stress Free Work Life

Keys To Stress Free Work Life

Stress is omnipresent.

What “mainstream society” believes about stress is simply wrong. Stress is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to control you. It isn’t a required ingredient in the recipe for success.

I am sure most of you would also agree with me that in today’s fast-paced society, stress is more common and chronic than ever before, and the correlation between stress, poor health and shortened lifespan is very real.

Stress + Poor Health = Shorter Life

From today onward, we will start a series of about 10 articles published fortnightly where we are going to share with your the seven principles of Stress Free Work Week, so that you can kickstart your efforts to becoming happier, healthier and stress free in not only your professional life, but your personal life as well.

Let’s dive in…

STRESS RELIEF PRINCIPLE #1 : Everyone – including you – is capable of being stress free

If you want to be healthy, happy and stress free in life, then this first principle is by far the most important. It is the foundation for everything you’ll learn in this article series.

Did you know there are people out there who live stress-free lives? For those lucky few, the daily grind has little impact on their ability to stay relaxed, focused, healthy and happy in all aspects of their lives.

Sound too good to be true? Let me explain…

In the 1980s Dr. Suzanne Kobasa discovered three key characteristics that people who are stress free possess. She discovered these people were more resilient to stress and effectively managed the side effects of it. In any stress management program, the goal is to never to completely eliminate stress. In fact, a little bit of stress can help improve performance in all areas of your life. The right dose of stress helps you to function at peak capacity with maximized output and results.

The goal instead is to minimize the excess stress that leads to the negative side effects that impact your health and happiness. Those who do a good job of this possess the characteristics that Kobasa discovered.

We’ll get to those in a minute, but first…

I want make one important point: no one is truly capable of going through life completely stress free. The stress response, the physiological process that happens when your body senses danger, is wired into your brain. Rather, it’s how you use the stress response – or let it use you – that matters.

Kobasa discovered that people who effectively control the stress response have a greater sense of control, challenge and commitment.

What do they mean? Let’s take a look…

Control: People who are more resilient to stress have a greater sense of control over their future, destiny, situation, life, workplace, coworkers, boss, health and focus.

Challenge: Rather tha seeing the negative outcomes, focusing on challenge as a chance to grow, learn and develop.

Commitment: Stress free people have a strong sense of commitment to themselves, their career, home, family etc.

Stress Free Work FreeIf you can increase your sense of control, challenge and commitment when facing stress in your life, you should, according to Kobasa, be more effective in dealing with it.

These three characteristics may sound simple on the surface, but underneath they’re remarkably effective in steering your body and mind on the right path.

This article series brought you by Jobs, Skills & Advice will help you better adopt these three characteristics. And the good news is that EVERYONE has the ability to call upon them.

All it takes a little recalibrating of your mindset and approach, and even you, no matter how deep and widespread the challenges in your life, are capable of being happy, healthy and stress free.

And that leads us to the second principle, namely Stress Management Is Really About Managing Yourself

More about that in the next article. Stay tune…

Your turn now to share your views about stress in general and stress management in particular. Specifically:

  1. Do you agree that stress is a universal phenomenon? Why?
  2. How do you cope with it?
  3. What advice would you like to share with other readers here?
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This article has been contributed by Steven Stockwell, the author of the best selling Stress Free Work Week

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