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Stress? You Always Have Options

Stress? You Always Have Options

Stress can only harass you. It can never trap you.

The most difficult year or two at my job was when friends were getting laid-off faster than I could count. That is when I really felt what stress is all about. I also remember how those who were lucky enough to hold onto their jobs suffered as well. Stress raised its ugly head all-round.

First off, we were quickly detached from people we had become friends with over the years. And while any strong friendship would sustain a change in employment, it’s not quite the same.

Furthermore, the workloads of those who were laid-off were then being delegated to those who remained, causing critical tasks to inevitably fall through the cracks. This resulted in even more stress at work place. There are only so many hours in the day and one cannot sustain a twelve hour workday five or six days a week on a continuous basis.

I can recall countless conversations where coworkers vented about the new culture at work. Morale was at a record low and everyone felt trapped. Stress was in abundance and all round us.

Moreover, no one wanted to bring-up the overloaded work schedules for fear of the pink slip. No one wanted to complain about the added pressures and deadlines because, as I heard many times, we were supposed to “feel lucky we even have a job.”

Now before I upset the crowd, let me preface these next few paragraphs with this: Yes, one should always feel grateful and fortunate for his/her blessings in life.

However, that does not mean you should pay the price of stress, frustration and fear, all of which compromise your health and quality of life. The paradox of frustration and fear is a powerful dynamic, and it causes you to feel stuck or trapped. It’s natural to feel this way, but let’s shake this habit.

It is at times such as these that we need to remember – stress cannot ever trap us – we always have options.

Stress Free Work Week
First off, there is a difference between feeling and being. Being trapped is sitting in a jail cell. Feeling trapped is nothing more than your mind convincing you that you have no where to go, no one to turn to and no way out.

Feeling trapped is wrong because when push comes to shove, you always have options. There are always choices. The options you have might force you to make some difficult decisions. You might feel hesitant, uncomfortable and nervous; you could be under tremendous stress, but you have the ability to make those decisions none-the-less.

What options do you have if your boss is a total jerk who is steadfast against seeing you succeed in the workplace?

  • You could find a new job and forget about him.
  • You could try and have a professional conversation with him about whatever is bothering you.
  • You could go a level above and have the same conversation with his boss.

The list goes on.

“Trapped” is one of the many roads that lead to burnout. If you’re already there, determine the choices you have no matter how difficult or challenging they may seem.

The simple act of opening your mind to the world and all its possibilities shifts your focus to the future rather than holding you back in the past. It also prevents you from dwelling on the walls that surround you.

Stress Free Work WeekRealize that no matter how deep the water may seem, or how bumpy the path before you is, you always have options. Trapped is a powerless feeling you want to start leaving behind starting now. You have no business for it anymore.

Now it is your turn to tell us how you deal with the suffocating influence of stress. Specifically:

  1. Do you agree that stress cannot trap us?
  2. What do you do to escape the clutches of stress?
  3. What options do you exercise to overcome the helplessness that sometimes overpowers us?
  4. What advice and tips would you like to share with other readers to cope with stress in everyday life in general and at work place in particular?

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This article has been contributed by Steven Stockwell, the author of the best selling Stress Free Work Week

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