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Tips To Exude Confidence

Just as your body language can betray your nerves, it can also make you appear as if you are exuding confidence. It is far better to appear confident than to appear nervous. People will be like you more, and no-one will try and take advantage of you.

In Body Language – Basics, we discussed certain fundamentals of body language.  In this article we will talk about how body language can also make you exude confidence. Yes, believe it or not, ACTING confidently will make you FEEL more confident. You will find that if you put on a show of confidence then slowly but surely the act that you are trying to put on will permeate your subconscious and you will lose the jitters that you may have had before. It is not a one way relationship and you will eventually begin to believe in yourself. It doesn’t take long either- a few deep breaths and a smile, and you’ll feel more confident in 30 seconds! If you put the act on for long enough then you will find that it is no longer an act, although you probably will not be able to distinguish when the act of confidence was overtaken by your own inner sense of your self. In the same way that smiling can make you feel happier, projecting an image of confidence will make you believe in yourself far more than you ever thought possible.

Appearing more confident is easy when you know how. There are certain body language signals and gestures that can exude confidence. Some of them are so subtle that very few people would pick up on them, and yet they would still have the same effect. Confidence is power because it encourages people to listen to you and pay attention to you, but in a positive way. It is only when you stray into the realms of the arrogant that you risk losing the attention of people.

The first body language sign of confidence is your posture. Creating and maintaining an easy posture and squared shoulders is simple as long as you focus on your breathing. Taking deep breaths before entering into any given situation can help to focus your mind because it gets more oxygen to the brain. Focusing on your breathing will also take your mind off the situation in hand so it can help you on two counts.

The more that you breathe, the more relaxed you will feel, but this is not the only way that you can actually encourage the appearance of confidence. Dressing for the part is also a major help for you because the clothes, as they say maketh the man (or female!) If you have an interview or public engagement then you should wear a sharp suit or at least clothing that looks professional. However, the key is to feel comfortable. If you are already nervous then feeling uncomfortable will not make the situation any better for you, but feeling comfortable can help you to relax.

Maintaining eye contact will also help to improve your confidence levels because you will have faced the source of your fear head on. Once you have initially made eye contact then you will find that maintaining contact becomes easier.

Finally, be sure to steady your hands. Hands can be a tell tale sign that you are not in the least bit confident, even if the rest of your body is saying that you are. The majority of individuals that do suffer from nerves have no idea what to do with their hands and so they are perhaps one of the first things that you need to control in order to make sure that you do come across as confident rather than the more truthful scared to death! Practice controlling your hands at home if you suffer from nerves.


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