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Tips To Manage Your Boss

Tips To Manage Your Boss

Manage your boss for a rewarding career

It is said that at work we need to not just manage our jobs, but also manage the boss as well. One of the best ways to progress and do well at your career is to be able to work well with the boss and keep in his good books. Managing your boss is a great investment because more often than not your boss determines your promotions, bonuses and career opportunities.

In one of our earlier articles, we discussed ways to manage your new boss. We will now see how do you manage your boss – old or new.

Building a rapport and beneficial relationship with the boss is a slow process, depending on the personality of your boss, but it is neither impossible nor difficult. All you need to do to manage your boss is use the following methods and you will surely be able to build a closer and win-win relationship with him or her.

Build a foundation to manage your boss

Foundations are built on solid ground with quality structure. In the work area parlance this would translate into being a team player, go-getter, target oriented person who can be counted upon by the boss. To be able to manage your boss, you have to establish yourself as someone boss can count on. If you can’t do this, you just cannot manage your boss. Everything boils down to basis – meet your commitments and deadlines, be punctual, don’t take unnecessary breaks or otherwise. And yes, do not take on additional assignments or responsibility that you cannot fulfill.

Do your due diligence to manage your boss

Managing your boss is like selling to your customers. You need to know what the requirements are. Similarly, you need to take time to learn all you can about your boss. Understanding what is important to the boss is a sure shot way to establish rapport. Look for ways to naturally or easily engage your boss in non-work conversation. What are their hobbies? Do they have a family? Seek out topics that you both have in common and on which you can provide valuable insight. You can’t deliver if you don’t know what to deliver! Simple.

You boss is your customer! If you understand that you can surely manage your boss.

Manage your boss by making him look good

You need to know your boss’ goals and motivations. How does your job and your skill set help him or her accomplish those goals? You’ll be much more effective at achieving your boss’ expectations of you when you clearly understand their objectives. Keep your self updated on all the trends and skills that will help your boss become successful.

Always bring solutions to the table, even when you’re alerting your boss to a problem or issue. Look for new and better ways to get things done, but don’t do it in a vacuum. Slowly involve your boss in your brainstorming process, helping to build trust between you.

Figure out ways in which you can be relevant. Identity the opportunities. For instance, if your boss needs extra help on an assignment and you pitch in, that will make a good impression.

Get constant feedback to manage your boss

Ask your boss what you can do to produce better work and what you need to change. That way, your boss knows you are willing to go the extra mile.

Fulfill your boss’ communication and information needs to manage your boss

Don’t wait to find out that your boss hates email and never reads them. Ask your boss about their communication preferences and follow it to a tee. Does your boss need to be informed of all small matter and does he want to know only the big picture. Does he want you to report to him once a week about the work done or would he require an hourly update. Be sure you know what are his needs and fulfill them.  Not only will this improve your relationship, but it will make it significantly easier for you to manage your boss and get things done.

Manage your boss for stress free workStay within limits to manage your boss

Be punctual, focused and deadline-oriented. Work hard and always give it your best shot. At the same time, don’t promise more than you can deliver. Otherwise you risk damaging your reputation at work. Also never try to outshine your boss. This is the quickest route to disaster at work. However much you may dislike this, always remain in your boss’s shadow.

Focus on your boss, not yourself.

Your turn to share your thoughts on how to manage your boss at workplace. Specifically:

  1. To you what does the term, “manage your boss” mean?
  2. Do you think it is important to manage your boss?
  3. How do you manage your boss?
  4. What tips would you like to share with other readers here?
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  1. This is a good article. Boss is the guy who can make or break your career. So you gotta have him in your control – I mean manage him well without him thinking you are doing chamchagiri!

  2. Hi Vidur, thanks for your kind words about the blog. I am glad that you liked it. Yes, you are right. One definitely does need to manage one’s boss positively so that it is a win win for both.

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