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Turn Your New Year Resolutions Into Reality

New Year’s is a unique holiday. It’s the only holiday that celebrates the passage of time. Perhaps that’s why, as the final seconds of the year tick away, we tend to become introspective.

Then we wonder: how did time get away from us? And why did all ourĀ  hopes and dreams never materialize?

Inevitably, that introspection turns to thoughts of self-improvement and the annual ritual of making Resolutions.

We all do it. We swear to ourselves, “This is THE year” for transforming our lives and fulfilling our goals. We are determined to keep all the promisesĀ  to lose weight, stop smoking, make more money, be more patient…just fill in the blanks.

Over the next few days millions of people from around the world will ask themselves questions as they figure out how to make 2010 the best year of their lives.

The following is a creative exercise for you to think about how to surpass your potential in the New Year.

In 2010, I’m finally going to __________________________!

How would YOU fill in that blank?

Go ahead, take a minute and give it your best shot… I’ll wait right here…

Now fast-forward to December 31st – New Years Eve, 2011. You’re reflecting on the past year, jotting down a few notes in your journal.

“I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year…

I reduced my credit card debt by _______________________________.

I feel great and now fit into my ________________________________.

I have increased my retirement fund by _________________________.

I have achieved a number of goals to include ____________________.

I have exceeded my own expectations by __________________________.

I’ve got nearly enough money saved for a nice family vacation in ______________________.

So, what did YOU write down? What are your aspirations for the coming year?

Are you ready to make 2010 the best year EVER?

Well, this doesn’t have to be just a fun little exercise. It can be something much better…

If the idea of erasing your debt, making more income, doing something good for those in your community or finally making lasting changes this year sounds good to you, then pay VERY close attention.

I’m going to tell you about something wonderful that IS the exact thing you’ll want to make your Resolutions stick! AND you’ll even get BONUSES!

Introducing the Got Resolutions Challenge!

I’d like to show you how to dramatically increase the odds of making all your dreams -whatever they may be- come true in 2010.

The Got Resolutions Challenge is a personal leadership program that provides a step-by-step system for setting and achieving your New Year’s Resolutions.

When I saw this exciting program, I was so impressed by its content, delivery, and overall impact of both its message and first-class execution.

If focus, discipline, and accountability were among the things that prevented you from achieving your resolutions in the past, then “Got Resolutions?” is for YOU!

In fact, here’s what Best-Selling Author Brian Tracy has to say;

“There is no one better person to start the New Year with than Gary Ryan Blair. His Got Resolutions Challenge will show you how to finally turn your resolutions into reality faster than you ever thought possible!”

Did you set some Goals and Resolutions last year?

Did you make promises to yourself, but soon discovered that none of your Resolutions were even met?

Right now you have the opportunity to create history rather than repeat it. How about actively fulfilling your Resolutions this year? How about surprising yourself by actually following through?

As you reflect on your future life, would you like to see yourself begin the year fast, focused, and positive? Are you going to keep ALL your promises to yourself?

ALL you have to do is say YES, I’m ready to turn my Resolutions into reality.

Are you ready for a thrilling, positive change in your life?

Click here to get started right away.

P.S. Be sure to check out the video that explains the entire system. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. It is great that you are talking about the resolutions that people make. It is important to really make a difference by fulfilling them each year vs. just setting goals.

  2. Hi Jesse, thanks for your valuable comments. Yes, we also believe that people must not only resolve to make their future more successful but also work towards the same.
    We hope to see you here more often
    best regards

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