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Workplace Stress: Signs, Causes & Treatment

Workplace Stress: Signs, Causes & Treatment

Stress at Workplace –  Safety is in our hands

A few days back we discussed that Stress is omnipresent. We also discussed that the key to a stress free workplace is also with us.

This week, we bring to you an info-graphic courtesy of Compliance & Safety, on safety in the workplace and the organisations responsible for helping to keep you safe and stress free at work.

workplace stress

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  1. Hello
    Great infographic – thank you. I would like to emphasize one thing – very often people stress over things they cannot change. This kind of behavior is one of the worst things you can do. The best thing to do is leave those things alone. It is wise to focus on positive and positive future instead.
    Best Regards
    Mat recently posted..ILLM Acupressure Mat Review – 7 Reasons why People Love ItMy Profile

  2. Hi Mat,

    Yes, I do agree with you.We should not fret over what is not in our control. As they say, be positive and do good.

    I am glad you liked the infographic.

    best regards


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